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This editorial is dedicated to discussing a few issues on the COP theme for the year 2017 as indicated in the caption above.Jesus Christ left us many examples in all areas of life and we shall take a look at one of such examples and pray that it brings a transformation in our lives as believers.

CHRIST JESUS’ HUMILITY: The example of Christ Jesus’ humility is found in Philippians 2:5-8 among others. In this particular scripture, we find Jesus taking upon himself the form of a servant though he was God. Notice here that this kind of humility points to someone of a higher rank condescending to a lower estate and not only that but going further to serve mankind by dying on the cross. Generally, leaders either demand or expect their followers to be humble unto them. In this example, however, Christ teaches leaders as well as all believers a few lessons on true humility:

    1. That it is more important for you as the leader to sow humility so you can in turn reap it. A case in point is when Jesus chose to wash the feet of his disciples, the portrait of which adorns the front cover of the 2017 COP USA Calendar
    2. That humility is not conditioned upon the good acts from its intended recipient. Jesus Humbled himself to serve mankind not because mankind had been good to This is precisely why Apostle Paul called upon slaves to obey their earthly masters not because the eyes of their masters are on them but as an act in pursuance of the will of God.
    3. That humility must not be occasioned by a secrete motive. Jesus served with humility not because of what he would gain from us but rather because it was the will of God. Today many humble themselves simply be- cause of a perceived gain such as pro- motion, favor etc. This has come to be known as “Pentecostal Humility” within our churches. Apostle Paul in Philippians 2:3 admonished us not to do anything out of a selfish ambition
    4. That humility is actually emptying yourself of your self-worth. The Bible discusses how Jesus emptied himself of all that he was and chose to die a shameful death. Until you empty your- self it will be approximately impossible for you to serve someone under you or to render services considered in the eyes of men to be menial
    5. That humility brings exaltation from God. In verse 9 of that scripture the bible says that because Jesus humbled him- self, God exalted him to the highest place. Many who are looking forward to promotion in their lives, at the place of work or ministry, tend to blame others for their current placement or position. Jesus is challenging us that if we should empty ourselves and perform even the most menial jobs or assignments, God himself will elevate us. Let us always re- member that God himself opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble and ultimately lifts him up.
    6. That Humility brings us to a place of prominence: In verse 9, we are told that due to the humility of Christ Jesus, God has given him a name which is above every other name and at the mention of which every knee must Contrary to today’s practice where almost every Christian leader wants a name for him- self and will easily broadcast himself on social media at the least opportunity, Jesus’ challenge to us in this scripture is that, the true pathway to a place of prominence is humility.

May the Holy Spirit enable us to exemplify Christ’s humility in our generation.


Rev. Samuel Sackey-Hughes

(Chairman, NLC)

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