Bible Studies- Week 19

Bible Studies- Week 18
April 10, 2020
Bible Studies- Week 20
April 10, 2020


Review of Previous Lesson (5 Minutes)

  1. What did you learn in the previous lesson?

Main Text: Ephesians 5:21-24.

Memory Verse: Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. – Ephesians 5:22


There are misunderstandings in today’s world concerning ‘roles’ of wives. These seem to mislead some Christians in their marriages. The misunderstanding come from emerging liberation groups with philosophies, theories and practices that seek to oppose the biblical roles of husbands and wives. It is important for Christians to understand what the Bible says about their responsibilities. Today’s lesson discusses the roles of wives in marriage.

Questions for Discussion

  1. What does it mean for wives to submit to their husbands in all things?

  2. What are some other roles of wives in marriage?

  3. How do roles of wives’ impact their families?

  4. What cultural or traditional factors hinder wives from exhibiting their roles in marriage?

  5. What possible ways should wives handle these cultural or traditional challenges?


From our study, we have known that wives are to submit to their own husbands as to the Lord since the husband is the head of the wife just as Christ is the head of the Church. Wives must act under the authority of their husbands, as the Church acts under the authority of Christ. This does not mean wives must submit to committing acts of dishonesty and wrong-doing. They are to submit themselves under the watch of Christ. Wives must not submit to other peoples’ husbands and fight their own. Rather, they are to submit to their own husbands while relating kindly with others.
In submission, wives must manage the home and the family. They must support their husbands to train their children in the fear of the Lord (Prov. 22:6). This creates family unity, joy and happiness which influence unbelieving singles and couples. Wives must avoid usurping the roles of husbands as this creates friction, disharmony and infighting. They must be watchful of the influences of Satan from false doctrines, teachings and cultural or traditional beliefs and practices which tend to weaken the role of wives in marriage. It is important for husbands to perform their roles even when it is contrary to what they are familiar with.



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