The Chaplaincy Ministry

Mission Statement

In line with the Church's vision of "Possessing the Nations" through Chaplaincy, the Church of Pentecost - COPUSA will make concerted efforts to promote godliness and the use of Godly principles in serving all spheres of society. The Church's Chaplaincy practice will provide a presence as ambassadors of Christ and will also look up to Christian Chaplains for spiritual and emotional care. The roles of our Chaplains will be supportive, serving as counselors and guides for the psychosocial, spiritual, and emotional needs of the general public. The Chaplains' primary obligation is to the patient. However, Chaplains will also come into contact with the patient's family and be able to respond to their needs as required.
There are currently many Chaplains serving from different religious backgrounds. There are, however, not many in the Christian faith who have an intentional and missional impulse to point their patients to God when the occasion demands it within the permissible legal framework. For instance, in some establishments rules that govern such institutions may prohibit Chaplains from evangelizing patients. The need to fill this vacuum is dire; it is imperative that we as a church, fulfill that calling!

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