Pentecost Social Services (PENTSOS)


The Pentecost Social Services (PENTSOS) was established by the National Presbytery of the Church of Pentecost, U.S.A., Inc. to fulfill the social and charitable missions of the Church. PENTSOS is the Church’s highest national social service agent. The vision of PENTSOS is to foster a peaceful, just, and more inclusive society that reflects and supports the dignity, safety, and hope of all God’s people and where the spiritual and physical needs of each person is fully met. PENTSOS, therefore, strives to promote and advance the social and charitable mission of the Church of Pentecost, U.S.A., Inc. by channeling the Love of God to all manner of persons. PENTSOS supports all sorts of people in need through the broad range of charitable works, including feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, and providing all forms of works of mercy to the poor. PENTSOS provides charitable supports to Hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, orphanage homes in and outside the USA. We provide daycare, health screen, and educational needs to needy communities in and outside the USA.

El Paso District PENTSOS visit Homeless Shelter


PENTSOS is dedicated to witnessing the love of God to all manner of persons via a holistic approach to enlarging human potential through social, economic, cultural, and spiritual change in a sustainable manner.


A church/society where the basic needs of vulnerable and marginalized persons are fully met.


Pastor Emmanuel Ntumy-Adofo
Chief Executive Director/Board Chairman
Apostle Augustus A Martey
Executive Adviser
secDr. Mike Aryee
Executive Secretary
Dr. Charles Osei-Tutu
Grant Writing Committee Chair/ Financial Controller
Dr. Lawrence Mensah
Executive Program Organizer
Mrs. Joyce Boafo
Executive Member/ Social Worker Coordinator
Richard Doku
Executive Project Director
Daniel Amankwah
Executive Member


  • Stella Doe (CPA)/ Financial Manager
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Arthur Quirecoe / Treasurer


  • Dr. Hannah Anokye
  • Dr. Elizabeth Yawson
  • Dr. Paul Yankey
  • Pastor Dr. Robert Baah


  • Pastor Samuel Morgan



Gifts can be clothing items, household items, school supplies, medical supplies. You can call us, email us or send it.


Financial donations will help educate the disadvantaged, encourage someone in need, empower our families, and support the needy in society. Please click on make donation and enter your details. Click on the button below to donate

PENTSOS PROJECTS: Theses are long term projects.
  • International Youth Camp and conference center
  • Retirement Homes: Building retirement homes for retirees at an affordable price
  • Nursing homes: Support the government and community
  • Credit union: Provide banking services to the community
  • Health care center to help the community


Phone: 404-993-3007

Address: 1450 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ 07470


  • Serves the community through food pantry programs
  • Donations to charitable courses such as hospital, nursing home, schools, prisons,
  • Other services include drilling of bole holes deprived communities in developing countries and Daycare services.
  • Supports for disaster victims such as earthquake and hurricane
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